CompuSki 3 Blade

CompuSki 3 Blade

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The Standard by which other Ski Boat Propellers are judged !

If it’s speed you’re after…look no further than CompuSki. Basically, the blade shape section of this propeller is parabolic and raked aft rather than flat as is conventional.

This parabolic blade design reduces water “slipping off” the cupped blades and therefore creates greater efficiency from a more direct forward drive. This propeller is ideal for ski racing and high speed use, particularly with boats using a step up gear ratio.


Performance Advantages:

Design Features:

* Improved top end performance

* Revolutionary parabolic design

* Acceleration throughout full RPM range

* Large blade area for more thrust

* Ideal for step up gear box use

* CAD/CAM computer developed

* Larger blades – means higher thrust

* Varying pitch distribution

* Smoothness through geometric accuracy 

* Patterns fully CNC machined

of manufacturing methods

* Unique Super Cup design


* Individually pitchometer checked


* Electronically balanced


* Cast in Nibral as standard


* Lustrous polished finish



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